• Exergy 65 -100% Injectors for Duramax

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Exergy 65 -100% Injectors for Duramax

Exergy 65 -100% Injectors for Duramax

$ 3,399.00



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Engineered to Deliver!

Whether you are the class points champion, or just need confirmation all is well with your diesel fuel system, Exergy Performance can help. 

Drawing on the experience of multiple diesel fuel system development careers spanning decades, and the absolute best test equipment available, Exergy Performance brings more high performance fuel system know-how to the market than anyone else. 

In other words, we have the biggest tool box with the best tools and we know how to use them. 

Products and Services: 

  • EDM and/or Abrasive Flow Nozzles
    • Unlimited nozzle flow increases (if you have the air, we can get you the fuel)
    • Nozzles flow balanced within 1% (+/-0.5%) across set
    • Stock and Bosch Motorsport nozzles
  • Injector testing across full operating range
  • Quantity (any pulse-width, rail pressures 29,000 psi +)
  • Injection-to-injection quantity variation (shot-to-shot)Fuel Map - Click to Enlarge
  • Injection rate
  • Injector return-flow
  • Full injector mapping available

Every set balanced within 4% at rated power
Calibration summary included with every set (example)
Other Products and Services: 

  • Bosch replacement injectors, pumps and service parts 
  • Injector service and repair 
  • Custom high pressure injection lines

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